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New Year's Eve, Keswick 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018 marked Soul Junction’s first Keswick gig, at the Inn on the Square’s Back Bar, which is a lovely venue.. .slate walls lined with rock memorabilia, fab clientele, good range of drinks and eats, and great staff. Our light show looked gorgeous!

The New Year House Party kicked off in style, with dance badges awarded after the very first number. It was a cracking audience, and they rocked the dance floor all night. Tony, our guitarist, was on the front line, deftly dodging groovy dance moves, while Jon bounced on a bench playing his sax!

Mustang Sally is always good for a Soul-aoke sesh, and Jon took the wireless mic around the room. Grown men were close to tears as they competed for the chance to sing ‘Ride, Sally, ride!’

At midnight we Auld Lang Syned and then performed that subtle tartan soul classic ‘Hoots Mon’, made popular in 1958 by Lord Rockingham’s XI. (Thank you John Marcangelo for the recommendation!).

After midnight the party really rocked, and it has to be said that the Keswick soul lovers know their moves.

Happy New Year from all of us in Soul Junction! We’ll be back in Keswick soon.

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