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Kirklinton Hall 2019

Kirklinton is a ruined 17th Century grand country house, in Border Reiver territory, and boasts a Faerie Glen, an orchard, nuttery, quince grove, bog garden, duck palace, pigs, a yurt, a gypsy caravan and a scented rose maze.

This romantic venue was taken over on Saturday night by Cumbrian High Sheriff Marcia Reid-Fotherham, to raise funds for the Cumbria Community Foundation, and formed a characterful backdrop for a stylish and unusual Soul and Jazz Festival.

Guests were welcomed into the Great Hall, where scented jasmine, passionflower and fig trees wound their way up the ancient sandstone walls. The Lost Chef did a grand job providing tasty and unusual dishes - SJ enjoyed sampling the lobster mac and the venison burgers!

Bands performing included the Cath Marcangelo Trio, Roz Sluman’s Big Shoes Band, and Soul Junction, and the evening progressed from gorgeous smooth jazz through to upbeat funky sax and then pulsing soul.

Late in the evening we knocked off all the Great Hall lights and dancers were highlighted in a riot of pink, gold and blue stage lights.. just gorgeous!

Some of SJ stayed the night at Kirklinton, which was eerily floodlit, and looked like a haunted castle.

Thank you to Marcia for hosting this superb event.

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