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Maryport Live!

The gleaming new ‘Maryport Live!’ emerged from the ashes of the old ‘Maryport Blues’ festival. It’s now in its 2nd year and looking extremely healthy!

The way it works is that the pubs in Maryport host bands for non-stop entertainment, during the last weekend in July. Entry is free, and festival-goers can drift from pub to pub, listening to whatever  catches their ear. It’s a winning formula, and add in some sunshine, wine and fish and chips, and it’s perfect.

We played in the Navy Club again - it’s right on the harbour and is a busy venue. We love playing in Maryport because there are so many soul and motown fans there .. from the first chord of ‘Midnight Hour’, the audience was singing, dancing and doing all the lovely things that nice audiences do.

So, what were our highlights?

the best ‘Soul Train’ conga yet - 8 times round the club!

fab audience who knew how to enjoy themselves 

a fair amount of bare male flesh

hot, hot sun (in between the monsoon that arrived just as  we were unloading gear!)

listening to some cracking Cumbrian bands

waking up to the sound of seagulls

biking to Allonby and enjoying a big Cumbrian breakfast

And.. did Tony ever have a puppy? We need clarification!

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