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Odd Frog, Barrow in Furness April 2019

The Odd Frog invited Soul Junction to headline its soul and Motown party night recently, so the band headed south to its favourite Barrow venue. Live music + tapas is a marriage made in heaven, according to several SJ foodies.

The weather forecast predicted gale force winds in Barrow, and it was rather weird that we drove through a sunny, calm Lake District to be met by an isolated hurricane around the Odd Frog!

So... how did the evening go? Well, the early evening diners were up and dancing to the first bars of the sound check!

We then had one of those gigs which began with the audience politely trying to assess whether it was safe to go onto the dance floor, before going completely wild, doing every retro soul move in the soul dance manual, losing all inhibitions and finally going full strength Tina.

Great place, great night! Odd Frog, thank you, we love you!

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