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Penrith Cricket Club May 2019

Super club, super people, super night!

The audience was a really good mix of people who have supported Soul Junction and been to lots of gigs and people who came out of curiosity, for the first time. There was a fair bit of vertical dancing and singing along, and one fabulous man performed some impressive horizontal dance moves. Wow!

Steve takes the award for first dancer on the floor, during the opening chords of Midnight Hour. What a man! We love him. He always gets the party going.

Between sets the SJ ‘men’ practised their cricket moves. Not pretty.

We thought the full Tina performed at Barrow was a winner but Carolyn, Jan, Beth, Gwenda, Liz, Janet and Philip did their bit for Penrith. Worthy of Strictly!

We are looking forward to a return visit to the club, and we promise we’ll have more badges. Thank you to Andy, Bernie and Emma, and to all at the club.

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