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Private Party, Whitehaven 2019

In July 2019 we were delighted to be invited to play at a very special occasion in Whitehaven - a diamond wedding party.

It was our first time performing in the splendid Marchon Club, which is a super venue for large parties, and it had been decorated beautifully by the host family, with sparkly lights, pretty table settings, and shiny balloons.

Highlights for us were the dancing children - tiny soul powerhouses! (They scooped up the ‘Best Dancer’ badges and wore them with pride!), also the huge stage, the lovely chatty people, and the biggest buffet ever seen by human eyes! Our buffet vote goes to the best pie in the world, made with love by the Cottage Pie in Dearham.

Happy Anniversary to our very special couple!

marchon club.jpeg
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