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Royal Scot, Carlisle

Made it! We were due to play at the Royal Scot in April 2020, and we finally got there, after 2 years of pandemic.

It’s a great pub, well worth a visit, and it ticks lots of boxes - good performance area and dance floor, lots of covered seating in the garden too and even an outdoor stage and children‘s play area, cosy indoor seating, good beer, yummy food and nice staff…

Michael and team gave us a great welcome and it turned out to be a rather special night, with a lovely audience who clearly know their Soul and Motown.

The men were on the dance floor from the first number, and were quickly joined by other dancers, competing for the SJ equivalent of an Olympic gold - the much sought-after Soul Junction best dancer badge.

Which songs did they know all the words to?

Clare‘s ‘Stand by Me’, Jon‘s ‘The Snake’, and Nick‘s ‘Geno’

Thank you to all at the Scot - we hope to be back soon!

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