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Ruskins Bar, Kendal

We’ve found a lovely new venue in Kendal! Ruskins Bar is right in the town centre on Stricklandgate, and it’s a great place for music, with live bands every weekend and also regular events during the week, a funky music bar and a second art deco style bar for a chilled chat. We liked the friendliness, the big range of age groups out on the town, and the enthusiasm of the audience, who sprang into action as soon as they heard the first few soul riffs.

After setting up we popped round the corner for a band pizza and a beer, then back to a packed Ruskins for our first set. Wow! What can we say? Ruskins was rocking. Perfect audience, perfect night. It was also special for us because we were playing for the first time with our new bassist Bob, who did a cracking job.

We’ll be back at Ruskins in December, can’t wait!

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