The World Famous Tan Hill

What an amazing start to the SJ year! Since January we‘ve been rehearsing with Tim, our new guitarist, and we kicked off the gig season with a big Soul and Motown party at the world famous Tan Hill Inn, highest pub in the UK, at 1,732 feet.

When we arrived there was a brief snowfall but no 3-day lock-in for us! Boo!

Tan Hill has a very special atmosphere and attracts music fans from all over the country. They started dancing at the sound check and were on the floor all night, dancing, singing and full of banter. We love that. Lots of singer and dancer badges were given out.

Big hugs to Raymie and Stuart, who were celebrating their birthdays, and to Jordan, who joined us on stage for the last number, demonstrating good hip action and superior proficiency on the pink tambourine!

We can’t wait to be back at Tan Hill in September 2022.

Tan Hill Inn