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Silloth Music and Beer Festival 2018

Silloth was our final festival of the Summer 2018 and wow, what a way to finish! It was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. Soul Junction opened on Friday night and it’s always a good sign when the audience applauds the sound check!

We enjoyed seeing the other bands, including The Prince Experience and the totally bonkers Lancashire Hotpots, who made us see eggs, sausage, chips and peas in a new light. (But you can’t beat a Silloth meat and potato pie!)

We paid a number of visits to the Tipsy Filly Gin Bar, and Chris, our real ale afficionado, appreciated the splendid selection of real ales on tap in the main tent.


Music 10/10

People 10/10

Fun 10/10

Click the pics for a full size experience.

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