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Solfest Festival 2018

Solfest is a quirky, funky, good-humoured festival situated in North Cumbria, between the Solway and the fells.


It was a real pleasure to be invited to play in the bright sunshine at the mysterious circus that is the Melodrome stage, in the company of the Feminist Mouse Circus, a stuffed badger and a tea-making man in a pinny.


Our friends from Penrith came along to support us - a big thank you to Liz, Steve, Pam, Norman, Jan, Lynn and Sheila, whose dance moves and wigs were impressive!

Solfest highs:

Babies with fairy wings in little trolleys

A group of people dressed as bumble bees, complete with queen bee and beekeeper

Another group who dressed as a chain gang, and remained chained together the whole weekend

Parma violet gin and Seychelles curry

Dementor and octopus kites

Unity Sessions

Willie and the Bandits - what a band!!!! Love them!

Lights, flowers, twinkly stuff, dangly stuff, cute stuff

Northern Soul dancers

The big beautiful sky, with heart-shaped clouds and Northern Lights (or was that just the gin?)

Click the pics for a full size experience.

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