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Soul Junction 4th Christmas Party

We’re so excited to be celebrating our 4th Christmas together as a band.

It’s been a fantastic year for us, with so many highlights, so many festivals, parties, and gigs .... we’ve had an amazing time entertaining SJ audiences all over the North of England and Scotland, and we love playing together, as you might have noticed!

There’s something very special about our Christmas Party and it’s a great way for the band to celebrate the end of a successful year, with an audience containing new and old friends braving the stormy weather.

We’d like to thank those who have come to all the parties, including the Symes, the Huggetts, the Dixons and the Harpers among others! And we’re delighted to have some new soul-loving friends too.

Back to the 2019 party ...

We loved:
Steve shooting onto the dance floor in the first bar of ‘Midnight Hour’
Chris playing a radiator
The lady who couldn’t get enough of Jon’s sax
Singalonga Fairytale
Coffee competitiveness
The Penrith conga

Merry Christmas everyone, and please join us for a happy, soulful 2020. We’ve got about 20 gigs planned already for 2020, including some unusual and exciting venues!

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