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Dance Partners Claim Prize

You may have seen in a previous blog post that Corney and Barrow, long established independent wine merchants, have kindly supported us by supplying some of their fine products to use as prizes at our gigs

Last night at our Lazonby gig we decided to award a prize for the best dancer. This was no easy feat as the floor was always packed with enthusiastic and talented people captivated by the sound of soul music.

However there was, at the end of the evening, a clear winner. The prize was scooped not by one dancer, but by an outstanding couple who were never off the dance floor and whose joyful interpretation of the music made them worthy winners of a bottle of sparkling Blanc de Blancs Méthode Traditionelle NV.

So congratulations go to Mr and Mrs Trengrove, Penrith as winners of the prize and we hope you enjoy it.


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