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SJ line up

We’ve had a few changes in the band over the past few months, and we’d like to update you on what’s been happening..

First piece of news: our much loved wizard on the bass, and one of the original SJ members, Bill Turner,

is stepping down from his full time role. We‘re delighted that he will stay with us as deputy bass player and occasional guest artist! We’d like to thank Bill for his massive contribution to Soul Junction. Bill really is a wizard on bass and is an extremely knowledgeable and accomplished musician. He’s great at working out arrangements, often with quirky twists, generous in his support of others, and let’s face it - the only member of the band who can rap with credibility on a Plan B song, causing major interest whenever he does it. We’ve loved his Fa Fa, his 6345789 and his Keep on Running, among others. Bill is also a very useful party guest, because he can play and sing any song known to mankind.

In Bill‘s place, we are pleased to welcome our talented new bass player and soul aficionado Steve Long. We‘ll be introducing Steve to you very soon.


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