Fast hands, slow feet

Our guitarist Mark runs his first half marathon at Haweswater on 5th March, having taken up running last year to complement his hobby of lifting things up and putting them down again. ‘I’ve been into kettlebell lifting for many years and have reached a good level – I currently use a 60kg kettlebell for my overhead work,’ says Mark. ‘I think it’s important to maintain balanced fitness – if you concentrate solely on either cardio or strength training at the expense of the other you’ll end up as a frail runner or an unfit strongman.’

One of our trumpet players, Rebekah, is concerned that Mark is losing too much weight following taking up running. To remedy this he undertook a McDonald’s blow-out last weekend. Salads are all well and good but you can’t beat a double cheeseburger or three!

Mark will let us know how he gets on with his training regime.

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