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Marathon Man Mark

Soul Junction’s guitarist Mark completed the Haweswater Half Marathon on Sunday 5th March, chugging his way through 13.1 miles of ‘gently undulating’ (read ‘torturously mountainous) country to secure a 2 hour 1 minute finish in his first (and possibly last!) long distance running event. ‘I’m glad I did it,’ says Mark, ‘but any sense of satisfaction has been temporarily offset by

the sheer amount of muscular soreness that I’m experiencing - I’m having to use the cafe lift just to get to my office, my colleagues are ridiculing my walk, and they keep on squeezing my legs just so that they can gain sadistic pleasure from seeing me wince in agony. ‘I’m going to keep up with running shorter distances for fitness but I’m getting back on the pies and weights I think!’ Soul Junction Trumpeter Rebekah will no doubt be relieved to hear this, as she has recently voiced her concerns about him losing too much weight. Mark agrees with this and aims to be back up to 200lb by the time he steps onstage at the Maryport Blues Festival in July.

Mark (left) and his running friend John

Mark (pictured on left) with his running friend John


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